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'Beginning as a street-singer in his native Sale, near Rabat, Hocine became one of very few Moroccan singers popular outside his own country. Unlike the other names of the '40s, he was a humorist, a satirist, and a commentator on daily life: his first big hit detailed the effect on Morocco of the arrival of US troops in 1942. This recording from 1948 is one of his earliest.'

--- John Storm Roberts(CD "Aita Badaouia" の解説)

'Houcine Slaoui Ben Bouchaib (1918–1951) is a singer and composer who marked the history of the Moroccan popular song.

His nickname "Slaoui" is inspired by his birthplace. Since childhood, he has not ceased promoting a personal style, combining words, music and a certain realism of the life. He appears as one of principal craftsmen, if not the founder, of the popular song in Morocco which one did not call yet chaâbi. He was the first to introduce modern musical instruments and innovator before Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

Till this day no one knows how he died. All kind of rumors are going around about his tragedy; some say that he had suffered any case of terrible evil; he was a martyr who was poisoned for a mysterious reason, probably because he tried to open the eyes of the oppressed Moroccan people. Others say that he was the object by an intrigue of women, or was he just a victim of an overdose? His strange destiny is still a mystery till this day.'

--- marocAudio.com

 iTunes で検索すると Houcine Slaoui のアルバムが4タイトル売られていた。しかしどれも音が酷いね。使用音源がかなり痛んでいる上に、ポスプロでノイズリダクションをやり過ぎで、ちょっと聴くに耐えない。資料として買っておこうかと思ったが、ひとまず保留。けれども手元の CD の曲名照合はこれでできそうだ。手元にない曲があれば買ってみることにしよう。

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