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'Houcine Slaoui, the troubadour of Sale. Houcine Slaoui (حسين السلاو) spoke of his name Ben Houcine Bouchaïb is a singer and composer who scored the history of Moroccan popular music. He was born around 1918 in the medina of Salé. He died at the age of 30 in 1951. His nickname "Slaoui" was inspired by his home town of Salé. Since his childhood, he has always had a personal style, very realistic.

Those pesky Americans have pushed women to freedom and debauchery, by leaving husbands and households (songwriter H.Slaoui: prod. Disc Arab Club)

It stands as one of the main architects of the popular song in Morocco called yet chaâbi. Slaoui is the first to introduce modern musical instruments before Mohammed Abdel Wahab: The Western instruments such as piano, accordion, clarinet musical instruments were revolutionary for the time. He was also ... a friend of Sheikh el Hasnaoui also seen as a figurehead and a symbol of Chaabi from Algeria reconciled with their identities.

His career is almost similar point by point with another legendary artist of the twentieth century, the Egyptian composer Sayed Darwish lyric (1892-1923) , we realize this fact:

• Both artists have barely lived thirties, both took attaches with the people in public places and produced a realistic art of the song deeply rooted in the collective consciousness,
• Both have suffered from their condition as an artist,
• Both were charged with drug abuse and a period of discredit against these accusations.'

--- Houcine Slaoui, le troubadour de Salé - Last night in Orient




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